Local Grub & Grog Sanctioned Establishments

Launching Spring of 2020, Stay Tuned!


We will soon be adding numerous eateries and bars to this page to inform local boaters where and why they should visit particular establishments. We know and will share both the hidden secret spots and the well known gems of the culinary community.

Keep an eye out for the following sign that indicates you are in a boater friendly establishment.


The following bars and eateries are boater friendly establishments that welcome T’s, flip-flops, cargo shorts, young swabs and an occasional ruffian or two. We have selectively chosen these establishments for their quality of service, grub, grog and general cleanliness to 17th century pirate standards.


Villa Nova Pizzeria

Where?   Villa Nova Pizzeria – New Buffalo, MI

Why? Terrific Pizza, Best Enclosed Patio in Town, Family Friendly

Secret: Best outdoor bar in town, kid friendly, putt-putt and fire-pit.




Dooley's Lake House Peb

Where?  Dooley’s Lake House Pub – New Buffalo, MI

Why? Best Italian Beef Sandwiches in Town, Superb Detroit Style Pizza, Terrific Christmas Decorations, Very Family Friendly. Always Rockin on St. Patty’s Day?

Secret: “Juicer” drinks made on site, refreshing and healthy, must try item!



Where? Blind Pig Tavern & Grill- Michigan City, IN

Why? Sophisticated Watering Hole w/ Outdoor Activities for the Kids! Fun-Menu complete w/ the usuals for the kids and higher end choices for Mom & Dad! Outdoor music venue and BBQ pit, outstanding outdoor deck….

Secret: Call ahead for live music dates, expansive wine selection, ample shade for all outdoor tables, kids won’t be saying “Mom, when are we leaving?”!



New Buffalo Beach Club

Where? New Buffalo Beach Club – New Buffalo, MI 

Why? Beach Chair Rentals, Food & Adult Libations! Catering to Beach Bums in Lounge Chairs since 2019!

Secret: Visit their website for live beach music info. and shrimp boil events!



If you would like to promote your restaurant or bar to boaters from Chicago to St. Joseph, MI, please send us an email by clicking “contact us” above or give us a call at 219-508-5627.